Headshots: The Video Game Experience and Reality

One conceptual structure introduced in the Phillips article is the idea of a head shot. Concerning the head shot, Phillips makes a distinction between head shots in reality and head shots in video games in two areas: associated feelings, and the experience. Concerning associated feelings, head shots in history and literature are seen as symbols of anxiety and brutality while head shots in video games are seen as symbols of skill and accomplishment. Concerning experience, Phillips notes that head shots in video games cannot possibly reflect the real experience of shooting a gun. Phillips points out occurrences such as breathing … Continue reading Headshots: The Video Game Experience and Reality

Mobile Gaming

While we did look at some games that were compatible with mobile devices, the focus of this semester was generally on games that are played on consoles or PCs. This makes sense as most gaming is focused on these platforms, but I do feel like there is a lot to look at for mobile games,  including how they currently shape how gaming looks, and what the future holds for them. From my experience, mobile gaming is generally for casual gamers who want a fun way to pass a few minutes here and there while they are on the go or … Continue reading Mobile Gaming

Avengers + Fortnite: A Look at Movies and Games Combining Forces

Recently, Avengers: Infinity War came out to raving reviews and huge box office success. Breaking multiple sales and popularity records, the third installment of Avengers has been all over the news and anecdotally, has been the talk among many of my friends who have seen it (unfortunately I have not gotten the chance to see the movie, but after reading and hearing so many good things about, I am planning on it as soon as possible). In fact, each time someone I knew went to see it, I would ask them about it and receive the same answer which was … Continue reading Avengers + Fortnite: A Look at Movies and Games Combining Forces

Another GOW 4 review

Having a rather manageable finals week schedule means I get to spend some time actually using my PS4 , which has been collecting dust since the beginning of the semester. God of War 4 (GOW 4), a recent AAA PS4 exclusive, has been on the top of my list of games to play since its release date earlier this April. This past weekend, I finally got a chance to play it for a solid few hours. While the setting of the story is a bit different (GOW 4 is steeped in Norse mythology as opposed to the usual Greek gods … Continue reading Another GOW 4 review

VR: beyond potential for gaming

Our in-class demo of VR game “Keep talking and Nobody Explodes” is typically what we generally think of when it comes to VR. But there has been some noticeable development in applications of VR outside of gaming that I think deserves more attention. One application of VR that I want to highlight in this blog post is a VR application called VantagePoint, which is an interactive sexual harassment training program which its creator hopes will be utilized by HR departments everywhere. At a time of #MeToo movement, this VR application deserves special attention because of its potential impact on our … Continue reading VR: beyond potential for gaming


Pokemon Go exploded upon release. For the summer of 2016, everyone would be walking out in downtown, going to pokestops or trying to catch pokemon, me included. (Team instinct ftw) Then going into the fall, the trend just vanished. Sure, people still played it, (my mom and her boyfriend to this day) but the world stopped being obsessed over it. I’m not lamenting that Pokemon Go stopped being huge, but I wonder what it is about a certain game like Pokemon Go, or Fortnite, the fad of the last four months, that makes them just capture the world’s attention for … Continue reading Fads