Mobile Gaming

While we did look at some games that were compatible with mobile devices, the focus of this semester was generally on games that are played on consoles or PCs. This makes sense as most gaming is focused on these platforms, but I do feel like there is a lot to look at for mobile games,  including how they currently shape how gaming looks, and what the future holds for them. From my experience, mobile gaming is generally for casual gamers who want a fun way to pass a few minutes here and there while they are on the go or … Continue reading Mobile Gaming

Avengers + Fortnite: A Look at Movies and Games Combining Forces

Recently, Avengers: Infinity War came out to raving reviews and huge box office success. Breaking multiple sales and popularity records, the third installment of Avengers has been all over the news and anecdotally, has been the talk among many of my friends who have seen it (unfortunately I have not gotten the chance to see the movie, but after reading and hearing so many good things about, I am planning on it as soon as possible). In fact, each time someone I knew went to see it, I would ask them about it and receive the same answer which was … Continue reading Avengers + Fortnite: A Look at Movies and Games Combining Forces

My Thoughts on VR Gaming

After watching some members of the class try out the VR headset on “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes” I realized it was the first time I had seen a VR being played despite the technology being out for a long time. I wondered why I hadn’t seen more of it considering it seemed like a cool way to game. Why isn’t it the main way to game at this point? Many displays of the future show VR type games to be the preeminent way to game, but will that happen? I think that it is possible if not likely, but … Continue reading My Thoughts on VR Gaming

Is Drone Operation like a Video Game?

I recently read the articles “Do Gamers Make Better Drone Operators than Pilots?” and “Drone Pilots Say Their Job is Not like a Video Game”. I don’t think that the articles are necessarily disagreeing with each other, but I think that some of the people interviewed in the articles would disagree with each other on certain opinions. “Do Gamers Make Better Drone Operators than Pilots?” states that some research has shown that some aspects of a video game psychology helps with drone piloting due to the lack of emotions that video gamers experience when playing games. While the player may … Continue reading Is Drone Operation like a Video Game?

What Will Future Generations Think About Our Internet?

The inspiration for this post comes from the article “Future Historians Probably Won’t Understand Our Internet, And That’s OK”. I agree with the sentiment expressed in the article that as of now, despite the fact that current technology can’t hold the massive amounts of data that come from social media, it is not a big deal as historically, this kind of data was not stored or recorded. Just because these data are not stored does not mean that future generations will not understand our culture or our experience on the internet. It just means that it will happen in the … Continue reading What Will Future Generations Think About Our Internet?

Value of Cooperative Games

After watching some members of the class play “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes”, I began thinking about the value of cooperative games where at least two people are needed to play the game. I always felt like video games were mainly a single player endeavor or games that can be played independently of your team or partner. From this I mean that even in games with multiplayer modes, each player does not depend entirely on another. In “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes” both players depend on the others to continue. This is the same in “Never Alone” as both players … Continue reading Value of Cooperative Games

Are Videogames Art?

We had a long discussion about the status of videogames as art in class last Monday and I left the class more convinced than ever that video games are art. I think that this is the case because my own thought process about what art is did not change, and I did not hear any arguments that would convince me at all that videogames are not art. My definition of art is quite broad and can include most outlets that require some sort of creativity and problem solving. This definition comes from a conversation I had with my grandfather during … Continue reading Are Videogames Art?