Closing Thoughts on Course

Over the course of the semester, we have explored a plethora of topics related to games and how they affect many different facets of our lives: from politics, to identity, to experience, etc. We even learned how to make games utilizing distinct platforms for game creation. Overall, this course challenged me to think about games in a new light. Despite being a relatively new media form in the context of modernity, the importance of video games continues to grow as the years go by. It is becoming a field in its own right, and learning about it through a literary … Continue reading Closing Thoughts on Course

Video games and Politics

How can video games be used in politics? What is the relationship between games and elections? Campaigning has grown increasingly mediatized, but little attention is given to the role of video games in both politics and elections. Games and their platforms are undoubtedly affected by politics. In our class, we got the chance to play Killbox that touched on the theme of drone bombing in Palestine. This game is an example of how games can depict real-life conditions that are the result of war or politics. But how can games go beyond just attempting to depict scenarios of political life? … Continue reading Video games and Politics

Returning to Questions of Escapism, Identity, and Bias in Computer Systems

Everyone has different identities, and these identities in turn affect the material reality of one’s life; these phenomena influence how a certain game may or may not be an escape from someone’s reality. One of the class readings that touches … Continue reading Returning to Questions of Escapism, Identity, and Bias in Computer Systems