Video games and Politics

How can video games be used in politics? What is the relationship between games and elections? Campaigning has grown increasingly mediatized, but little attention is given to the role of video games in both politics and elections. Games and their platforms are undoubtedly affected by politics.

In our class, we got the chance to play Killbox that touched on the theme of drone bombing in Palestine. This game is an example of how games can depict real-life conditions that are the result of war or politics. But how can games go beyond just attempting to depict scenarios of political life?


Games have the potential to be a powerful force in elections as well because of the access to a lot of young people. Game platforms such as online chats where people can meet and discuss ideas also presents another opportunity for political mobilization. In the same way that gamers organize around clans, there is a potential for political organization.

One thought on “Video games and Politics

  1. It’s an interesting idea but I don’t think it will go well. Most games discourage political talk because it’s so divisive, and the toxicity detracts from the gaming experience drastically. I think political debate and organization are better done in forums or chat servers exclusively tailored to that because the people who seek it out are the ones who go there in the first place.


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