Seriously EA?

Today I logged into NBA Live Mobile, a per my daily routine, and right away I was greeted with an advertisement for new 95 OVR (For those unfamiliar, OVR is the skill level of the player, ranging from 50 to 99) players. Though this was nothing out of the ordinary, what caught me off guard today was the sheer amount of new 95 OVR players that had been introduced. I thought to myself: “This is ridiculous. There are so many overpowered players now. How are free to play people who cannot possibly grind to get these players supposed to win any games?” Then it hit me. That was exactly the point. EA is actually making the game unplayable for free to play players. Now let me make this clear, I went into this game knowing that players who were willing to spend money would have an advantage. I didn’t mind that, I still found the game fun and was content with not being a top player. However, the game now is becoming more and more unplayable. Now pay to win players don’t just have an advantage, it’s nearly impossible for free to play players to keep up.

Everybody knows EA is in it for the money. After the debacle with Star Wars Battlefront EA’s already poor reputation plummeted. However, I still continued to play NBA Live Mobile because I genuinely enjoyed the game and was willing to live with the fact that there would be free to players better than me, but my patience with EA is starting to wear thin. When I see players strutting around with 99 OVR teams I know for certain that there is no way in hell they got that team without paying, and that’s really a shame. What used to be a fun game is slowly deteriorating. I hope EA enjoys the cash coming in while they can, because as more and more players leave NBA Live Mobile will slowly become a desolate wasteland.


One thought on “Seriously EA?

  1. Never trust EA :’). For games with micro-transactions created by EA, this always occurs at some level. Think Star Wars Battlefront II, where it was even more apparent as this corrupt business occurred at launch day. I would advise saving your money as paying for transactions only fuels EA’s motivation for greed.


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