How Some Women Use the Title of Gamers to Put Down Other Women

There seems to be a trend among some women, where they try to distance themselves as much as possible from other women in order to be seen as different or unique. These women tend to put down other women by saying things like, “I’m not like other women, I do this.” For example, some women pride themselves on the fact that they’re just “one of the boys” and do not engage in stereotypically feminine activities. This attitude is rooted in internalized misogyny. One of the ways in which this manifests itself is when women who identify as gamers use their gamer status to demean other women. There are hundreds of memes out there that express the idea that women who are gamers are somehow more valuable or interesting than women who have never even picked up a controller.

This trend makes me incredibly sad for many reasons. One, because it pits women against each other. Two, because women have never been truly accepted in the larger gaming community in the first place. So it makes no sense why women gamers, who can experience so much hate and misogynistic comments from men in the gaming community, can turn around and demean women who do not play video games. As much as I have talked about how gamer bros can be toxic and vile, women gamers can also be just as toxic. Women who don’t play video games are just as worthy of respect as women who do. Women in the gaming community shouldn’t use their identity as gamers to tear down other women, or to make themselves out as superior.


2 thoughts on “How Some Women Use the Title of Gamers to Put Down Other Women

  1. We have seen this sort of trend in a broader sense, with the “I’m not like other girls” attitude. It is really unfortunate, seeing internal misogyny/racism/homophobia in minority groups. However, I personally think focusing more on the cause of the problem and not the side effects of it would be more useful in the long run. Of course these type of girl gamers should not be excused without repercussions for their actions, but they are also still oppressed under our misogynistic society, no matter how “better” they think they are from other women. In the end, the system that enables and supports this type of behavior/thoughts is the system built by men.


  2. internalized sexism can be just as dangerous as sexism from other genders. However, the root of the issue is still ultimately toxic male-domination of our society and practicing this is self-hate whether consciously or not. The sad thing is, this is how hegemonic forces work. It’s important to call-in women who you see doing this.


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