Avengers + Fortnite: A Look at Movies and Games Combining Forces

Recently, Avengers: Infinity War came out to raving reviews and huge box office success. Breaking multiple sales and popularity records, the third installment of Avengers has been all over the news and anecdotally, has been the talk among many of my friends who have seen it (unfortunately I have not gotten the chance to see the movie, but after reading and hearing so many good things about, I am planning on it as soon as possible). In fact, each time someone I knew went to see it, I would ask them about it and receive the same answer which was something along the lines of “You haven’t seen it? It was awesome you have to see it and I don’t want to give anything away”. I don’t often hear this type of hype about a movie so I was not surprised when Fortnite was coming out with a brand new limited time game mode that featured Thanos, the villain in Infinity War.

It only makes sense that both the current most popular movie and the current most popular game joined forces. It seems to be a mutually beneficial effort as both can gain. People like me who have not seen the movie yet, will be more excited to see the movie after playing the game mode, and those who have seen the movie will be more inclined to play the game. Already, many articles are out that praise the new game mode and go on about how fun it is. Additionally, streamers who play Fortnite are getting an increase in popularity due to the now game mode, as people that may not have access to the game can watch these videos and streamers to see what it is like.

Besides the monetary and popularity gains on both sides, the game mode is just really fun. It adds a refreshing new way to play an already fun game and people are already calling for the permanent spot for the new game mode.

Will more movie and game combos occur? We have already seen many video games based off of movies and vice versa, but crossover’s like the Avengers-Fortnite combo is not as common. I think games and movies that reach the popularity of these games have more potential to do so. Until more games and movies achieve that level of success, I am doubtful these types of crossovers will occur.


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